About Us

M Sport 6 Colorado- Sophia Wiltfang

I’ve been on a horse all my life and have always had a passion for them. Even when I was very young it was simply natural for me to be with horses. I started riding alone and competing when I was two in local gymkhanas. Amazingly enough the horse I rode and grew up on was a 3 year old grade mare that my mother broke and trained. It escalated from there and as I grew, barrel racing was no longer just a sport to me, but a passion. It started small in local barrel racing clubs then moved on to amateur rodeo, then professional rodeo and my travels continue farther away from home.

Myself with SureNuff Illusion aka Sunny just a few days before competing at the Colorado Pro Rodeo Finals in Grand Junction, CO. Photo Credit to Jesie Bair, owner of Bair Paws Photography

Most of my later winnings have been thanks to the mare that I am currently competing on. She is a very talented mare with a special character named SureNuff Illusion who I trained myself and have bonded with over the last 16 years. I’ve got 2 other horses in training and a 2 year old filly that will hopefully soon follow suit. I am continually training and pursuing my dream and striving to take it to the next level!

I am pictured here giving thanks and love to DC French Vanilla aka Nilla after a competitive run. Photo Credit to Verl Luppes, owner of Luppes Photography